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Termination of Forwarding Emails Addressed to the Old ECCS Email for Students (common ID

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Updated: January 10, 2018
January 10, 2018

When the transition from the old student email system to the ECCS Cloud Email was made in the 2016 academic year, we set a system to forward the emails from the old student ECCS Email address ( to the ECCS Cloud Email address as a transitional measure.
This system for email forwarding will cease at the following date and time.

Once the email forwarding has been terminated, the senders will receive a "User Unknown" error message if an email is sent to the old ECCS Email address.
Any students who are still receiving emails via the old ECCS Email for Students are requested to ask the senders to send emails directly to your new ECCS Cloud Email address (

You will no longer be able to receive notifications from UTAS or other systems if you have registered your old ECCS Email address on these systems. Please change the email address to other addresses such as the ECCS Cloud Email immediately.