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[ECCS Cloud Email] An error message of “Google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you”


Updated: September 05, 2022
September 05, 2022

[Suspicious logins]

Google detects suspicious activity to see whether or not a user account is being used by a third party. For instance, when you try to access ECCS Cloud Email from unusual locations, Google may judge this to be a suspicious login and accordingly, when you try to access ECCS Cloud Email, the message below will appear followed by your login being blocked.

(Message in English)
Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you. Try again later or use Account Recovery for help.

(Message in Japanese)

Solutions: Change the environment

If there is an environment that you usually use, try to login from that environment.
You may be able to login if you change locations, terminal or internet connections. Especially, if you are using a VPN, try logging in without the VPN (if possible).

If you have successfully logged in: Setting up two step verification

From a security perspective, we strongly recommend that you set up the two step verification after completing the login. This will prevent false detection of suspicious logins.
Please refer to the following web page for details such as how to set it up.

If the problem persists

If the above solutions do not work, the administrator will deal with the problem. Please contact utelecom Technical Support Desk via Email Form.